About Holly

How do you define Holly Bernier?

To put it simply, you can’t.

(trust me, we tried)

Truth is, Holly Bernier doesn’t fit any mold. She’s chameleonic by nature, and is a complete contradiction unto her own self. Which can make her personality a little tough to wrap your noodle around at times. Sigh… artists.

First and foremost, Holly’s a performer… and one who’s all over the map. She has an extensive theatre background, and has been an actor since she was a kid. She’s a singer, a songwriter and a musician. She’s dabbled in modeling and pro-wrestling. Right now, she’s learning to fire dance. She likes to create; be it painting or writing or sewing or building structures with matchsticks.

So it’s no surprise that this industrious little monkey found her way into broadcasting.

She’s been just as varied in that world, too. Rock radio, television series, news anchoring, voice work for series, commercials, cartoons and award shows… and that’s just the on-air stuff. Television’s her big passion. If you’ve seen CTV Morning Live, aptn National News, Kids’ CBC, You’re It, First Stories… yup, that’s her mug. But what you haven’t gotten to see is her work behind the scenes, and Holly does a lot of it. She produces, she directs, she writes, manages and markets… she even did media sales for a while. Pretty well-rounded media gal. “Limit” is not a word you’ll find in the Holly Vernacular.

On the personal side, Holly’s passionate about people, psychology, music, astronomy, travel, puppets, tech toys and thunderstorms.

And coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

All that being said, we now turn it over to Holly herself. Be sure to join her at the news section. Yeah, she’s all over the map… and she’s thrilled to take you with her.